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  • Current meters 2004-2006: Time series of all the current meters data (ADCP, VACM, RCMs) for both years, excluding the MMP. The mooring motion was estimated and the corrected depth of each instrument is included.
  • Upper ocean data 2004-2006: Depth-time maps of T, S, and U at each of the mooring sites (upper 2000 m only). Every instruments (ADCP, VACM, MMP, ADQ, RCM) is included when available. dt=1day, dz=2m.
  • One day low passed: These are the Kess RCM-11s and VACMs low passed and subsampled at 1 day.
  • m spec5.m - a spectral qui: This is a GUI for viewing cross spectra between different time series. It assumes data are in the format that I've put on the KESS site. Download it into same directory as the data files and type m_spec5. If there are things missing squeal!
  • kesscms.tar.gz: raw data from current meters
  • Shipboard Doppler Sonars: Data from the HDSS 50 and 140 kHz, and from the RDI 150 kHz
  • ARGO Floats: Float data from U. of Hawaii (until 3/6/06)
  • XBT section 2006: Data from the XBT section from the 2006 cruise. Also contains the shipboard ADCP data for the section.
  • Shipboard ADCP data 2006: Data from the 2 systems on the R/V Melville (nb150 and nb75) for the duration of the 2006 mooring recovery cruise.

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